Developing a women's watch collection



Though Fossil has their brand messaging focusing on the American vintage style, they sell majority of their products internationally. We believed that this collection would speak to Julie - Fossil's female user persona. In additional to finding inspiration in American vintage styles, the team specifically focused on cultural beauties within handcrafted products within the biggest markets Fossil sells at - Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America. In collaboration with Fossil and SCAD jewelry, graphic and industrial design students, we created a six-piece watch collection for women's in Spring 2011. 

A world traveler appreciating different cultures through the art of handcrafting. Discovering her eclectic person, she starts adding artisan touches to her vintage style.



Our team created hundreds of sketches and worked with materials native to the areas we were influenced by. We decided to call the collection Eclectic Artisans. We realized that Fossil needs to stay true to their roots yet highlight the beauty in crafting watches. We focused on using the following materials - Gold, Silver, Wood, Vegan Leather. By combining these materials, it showed the collaboration between handcrafted products with the iconic Fossil brand. As we created the collection, we focused on the new segment Fossil wanted to cater to the ambiguous woman. The collection has feminine characteristics but also uses qualities found in men's watches. 


Final Collection









Two years after pitching to Fossil our collection, they were inspired enough to create a similar line called Me to We. A collaboration that celebrates and empowers female African artisans to end poverty in their communities—one beautiful beaded item at a time. The collection focuses on beaded work, metals, and leathers used in bracelets. After seeing this collection come to life, it truly showed that we were on the right track.