spray paint company inspired by Wynwood


Miami will always have a place in my heart, especially the art district called Wynwood. I had lived in Miami for the past 10 years before going off to college. Wynwood was my escape. I was able to be myself - a creative. In Wynwood, it's one of the few areas in the U.S. that embraces the arts, especially graffiti, and it is seen throughout the doors, buildings, and walls of this area. During Art Basel this place flourishes with hundreds of artist leaving their mark on Miami. As I constantly walk the streets, I noticed that there wasn't a graffiti shop or art store within the area. Crazy! So this sparked my idea to create a spray paint company that was inspired by Miami.



Inspire artists to create art while providing artists access to supplies

Street art has been around for decades. It is defined as visual art in public locations. This art form, especially graffiti, has been labeled as vandalism in our society. As I researched, street art is similar to traditional art forms, such as paintings. You need to think about your composition, message, colors, and much more. As street artists are creating, their process begins with an idea. As they begin sketching their piece they begin to incorporate traditional and unconventional techniques to bring their piece to life. One of the main differences is the size of their canvas and the texture of their surface. Street artists, such as Banksy and many others, constantly travel to spread their art around their world, so they have picked up fan bases that know and appreciate their work world-wide. 

Wynwood has been become one of few areas in the world where street art is appreciated. By creating my spray paint company in Wynwood, it allows me to inspire artists to feel free to express themselves, while providing all the materials necessary to create. After researching I came up with the goal that I would inspire artists to create art while providing artists access to supplies.

With the information I gathered, I began to research more on how to help artists have access to supplies. I needed to understand the culture of Wynwood and street artists. Specifically, I focused on:

  • How artists bring and carry their supplies?
  • What street artists really need? (e.g. materials)
  • What is Wynwood?
  • How artist feel begin their process to create their artwork



As I gathered my research, I began to ideate possible solutions to what street artists would need in Wynwood. I focused on the materials and community street artists have created over the decades. It was important to understand that Wynwood is missing a supply store for artists, but is a store actually necessary? Artist are not always on the ground or near retail locations to create their artwork. I decided to develop branding, vending machines and a spray paint collection that was inspired by Wynwood. Vending machines allowed artists to quickly purchase their supplies while placing multiple throughout the area. 

Wynwood's peak season is during Art Basel in early December. Art Basel is a famous traveling art event that features all forms of art - sculpture, furniture, paintings, and much more. Wynwood is the hub of Art Basel during the time the show is in Miami. So my goal would be to debut the collection while Art Basel is in town, in order to promote the brand and also have artists using the product while creating. 



Graphic Designer - Danielle Torres

I choose the name Rook because in the the graffiti community it means a trusted member of a crew. Rook's goal is to be a trusted brand amongst artists, to feel that we give them the ability to create using our products. As you scroll through, I developed the branding, packaging, web, and app experience.

Wynwood Collection: M305Art Director, Photographer, Graphic Designer - Danielle Torres

Above, the spray paints are apart of the Wynwood collection I designed called M305. I focused on these colors because these are many of the colors you see throughout Wynwood. The name of the collection, M305, originated from M standing for Miami and 305 is the area code of Miami. 


Art Direction

My inspiration for the photographs used throughout Rook was to highlight the artists and paint. I wanted to show artists in places they create their artwork, while highlighting the possibilities with the spray paints.

Art Director - Danielle Torres | Photographer - Sarah Rocco | Model - Sydney Benda

Art Director - Danielle Torres | Photographer - Sarah Rocco | Model - Nic Sedlazek

Art Director & Photographer - Danielle Torres