Target's Weekly Circular offers a variety of items on sale and is published to 48 million Target guests weekly. As an art director on team, I've had the opportunity to work on all departments for Target - Home, Electronics, Apparel, and Frequency working with a variety of products. I've led a team of prop stylists, food stylists, and photographers on producing inspirational images. Working closely with merchants and buyers to help curate products, develop initial layouts, and execute photoshoots in a thoughtful ways to tell stories that relate to the Target guest. Here's various campaigns I designed and art directed throughout my time at Target.


Grocery | Stylist - Yula Nelson | Photography - Mike Maki | Creative Manager - Anne Heike


Cleaning Essentials | Stylist - Yula Nelson | Photography - Mike Maki| Creative Manager - Anne Heike


Back to School | Stylist - Nicole Uphoff | Photography - Paul Owens | Creative Manager - John Morse


Halloween| Stylist - Yula Nelson | Photography - Bob Orr | Creative Manager - Anne Heike


Holiday | Stylist - Yula Nelson | Photography - Graham Brown | Creative Manager - Anne Heike